AmicusHorizon and Viridian announce appointment of Sir Peter Dixon as future Chair

06 December 2016

Sir Peter Dixon will chair the new organisation from legal completion in early 2017.

The current chairs of AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing ensured that an intensive and robust recruitment process took place.

Hattie Llewelyn-Davies, Chair of Viridian Housing, said: “Peter, with his broad skills and extensive experience, will keep the new organisation on course to achieve all of its ambitions and stay true to its core social values. We saw a shared passion and drive to create more homes while keeping residents and their needs front and centre. I know he will take the partnership to great heights.”

AmicusHorizon Chair, Lord Charlie Falconer, said: “Peter’s long-standing involvement in the social housing sector and fundamental commitment to residents is inspiring. His shared vision for what we are trying to achieve with this new organisation leaves me in no doubt that we are leaving the new organisation in great hands.”

Sir Peter Dixon’s experience includes roles in the health and charity sectors which strongly complement his private sector and housing  experience. His tenure as Chair of the Housing Corporation in 2003-8 saw him overseeing significant change in both the social housing sector and the way it is regulated.

Speaking of his appointment, he said: “I am deeply impressed with the ambition of the new organisation and its desire to create more homes and involve customers in decision making at every level. This is a pivotal time for housing and I’m honoured to play such a privileged and exciting role.”