Our culture

Our culture is so important to us!

We pride ourselves on being ‘can-do’, taking personal ownership and at the same time making work fun!

This is underpinned by a culture of taking responsibility, working with respect, trust and a sheer determination to deliver amazing service.

When you’re part of a team, willing to go the extra mile every day and get out of your comfort zone - it’s amazing what can be achieved!

Here’s what some of our staff say about life at AmicusHorizon: 

“I really enjoy coming to work, knowing that every day I make a difference! My team and I work hard and we have lots of fun embedding the philosophy of the organisation. We strive to be number one at everything we do and are given the incentive and tools to do so.”

Jacki White – Neighbourhood Manager

“We're all different but here at AmicusHorizon we're treated with the same level of equality and respect. We all have different talents, yet we are given equal opportunities to develop."

Kadian Sterling – HR Team Assistant


"I am proud to be part of an organisation that offers such a variety of opportunities to develop a career as well as offering the chance to give something back to the community. I look forward to a strong career at AmicusHorizon."

Adam Noone - Communications Digital Assistant


"I enjoy being part of a team that listens to our residents. It's refreshing to know we don’t shy away from complaints, on the contrary we jump on them and surprise our residents with the quick response. I love my job as I know I can make a difference and AmicusHorizon supports me to do this."

Alan Greenfield - Customer Experience Officer



Providing positive customer service - by John Barr

In a recent blog, John Barr, Director of Customer Experience, takes a look at what we do to give you a positive customer experience when you call our contact centre. He also looks forward to how we can make things even easier for you in the future.


Read our Customer Experience blog by John Barr

Customer Experience

This knowledge, coupled with the personal touch, helps us give you the answers you need, with courtesy. We handled around 22,500 calls each month in 2014/15 and I hope you agree we were always friendly and efficient.

The CSE (Customer Experience Excellence) inspectors agreed and were happy to again endorse our levels of customer service. Mike Yule, CSE assessor added: "I've never seen a better example of a team so totally committed to customer service excellence".

This is the modern world

Thousands of you now use 'MyAccount'  (our customer portal) to check your balances, update your household records or make payments. I hope you agree it's a quick and easy way to make the most of being an AmicusHorizon customer.

To make things even easier, we've offered a 'live chat' service that gives us the opportunity to chat with you online so we can provide instant help and advice any time you're using our website. Exciting times...
Our Customer Experience Team handled 1,479 informal and 220 formal complaints in 2014/15 and achieved +95% satisfaction with how we handled them. This was the best performance of the 15 biggest Housing Associations in London and the South East!

Life isn't simple and we know things don't always go to plan. When we don't meet our service standards, we're happy for you to let us know by phone, by using our customer portal, by email or by visiting one of our local offices. Our approach is to try to put things right as quickly and efficiently as we can and to learn from our mistakes.

We were delighted to win the 'Complaints Management Team of the Year' at the European Contact Centre & Customer Services Awards, beating off competition from organisations including Barclays, MBNA and DHL International (UK) Ltd.


We know how important it is to make it easy for you to report when things go wrong in your home, like having no heating or hot water.

I hope you agree our advisors are knowledgeable and patient and do everything they can to work out what's wrong, what we need to fix and what's your responsibility to fix. We've also worked hard to keep a balance between doing the work while being efficient on cost.

We'll soon be offering an exciting online repairs option through 'MyAccount' . You'll be able to diagnose what's wrong, get help and advice on your responsibilities and tips for fixing the problem. In some cases, you'll also be able to book a convenient appointment for one of our contractors to come to your home, and then track the repair...all from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. More and more of you are attaching photos too which really help us understand what we need to do...keep them coming!


Money Matters

We also made around 5,000 outbound calls every month. On top of that, we carried out more than 5,000 home visits to talk about money matters with you in your own home.

Your 'MyAccount' portal is a great way of checking your balance or printing off a statement whenever it's convenient.

We know how difficult it can be to budget for household costs. We hope the help and money management advice our Income Team provides has gone some way to helping you tackle this challenge.

One of the big changes on the horizon is the introduction of universal credit and housing benefits will be paid directly to you. We're here to help you through this and also with any changes in your work situation.

We want to work with you to make sure you keep a clear rent account. Please contact us as soon as you can if your circumstances change or if you you're struggling to pay your rent. The sooner we start working together to find a way forward, the better.

We also achieved the HQN (Housing Quality Network) Income Management Accreditation for the second consecutive year. This well-deserved accreditation is reward for the commitment the team show to finding solutions to often complex issues.


In this modern world, we still receive post every day from customers, contractors and Local Authorities. Our central admin staff work patiently and with great attention to detail to make sure every document gets to the person most able to help and give you the service you expect from us.

I personally want to thank everyone in all the teams I've mentioned for their commitment, goodwill and willingness to find solutions in the last year.

The road ahead

We'll keep you in the loop, make it easy for us to work together and provide value for money. We'll provide more services online to make it easy for you transact with us when it best suits you.

We're all determined to make sure your experience of AmicusHorizon is positive and to work with you as one team, facing whatever difficulties come our way. When all the jigsaw pieces of each team member, team and department come together, the results can be awe inspiring and can make difficult challenges become easier.