Moody's Credit Rating

AmicusHorizon is rated A2 by Moody's Investor Services.

In August 2015 Moody’s reaffirmed AmicusHorizon’s rating as ‘A2 Stable'.  This demonstrates our strong financial position, our diverse range of housing stock and leadership skills.

On 24 June 2016, following the UK vote to leave the European Union, a negative outlook was placed on the UK’s Aa1 sovereign rating. On 28 June our A2 rating was changed to negative from stable, reflecting that the vote to leave the EU is negative for housing associations whose creditworthiness is linked to the sovereign.

On 1 August Moody’s issued their latest credit report on AmicusHorizon following our annual review. Our rating was affirmed as A2 Negative, noting the following credit strengths:
  • High proportion of low-risk social-housing letting
  • Stable and moderate debt levels, appropriate interest cover ratios
  • Modest capital program supported by a strong liquidity position
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